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We understand there is a huge amount of information out there right now in regards to COVID-19 and how we should be dealing with it so we have gathered some of the resources we think are particularly useful. It  should go without saying the the official government site should always be your first port of call for general information but the links and downloads below are a little more specific to our world. Some of the links are from the wider Circus world and some from organisations here in NZ so please take the time to understand what the difference may mean for you. 

(Updated  28th March 2022)

Covid-19 Recovery Resources

In this industry where we rely heavily on our bodies to do our work, it is super important that we pace ourselves in our return to work and exercise after contracting covid. Below are some articles and information we have found that may help you on your road to recovery:

Operating under the Traffic Light System
2020 Covid Resources


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