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We are an association of circus practitioners representing professionals, company directors, teachers and enthusiasts.

ANZCA was formed in 2015 with the vision of fostering circus in Aotearoa at all levels. We are a community driven organisation.

We want to raise the standards of professional and community circus, advocate for the rights of community groups and artists, grow opportunities for funding and increase the recognition of circus as a distinct and vibrant art form. ANZCA intends to connect community groups and professional artists around the country through a regular newsletter, online circus directory and public events. 

We live, breathe and love circus. We want to encourage the sector to flourish and produce high quality art, entertainment and to continue to enrich the lives of people around Aotearoa.

Consulting with community as widely as possible to find out what YOU want YOUR circus association to work on. Please email us with any thoughts, suggestions or things you want to see happen in circus in Aotearoa.

Read our Strategic Document 2021-2026 here!

Rosalie Ducharme



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